November 2016 - February 2017

Now working on new unisex collection...handmade, hand dyed, hand stitched...

Using indigo fabrics traditionally hand-dyed in my home county (Blaudruckerei Folprecht Coswig, Saxony), upcycled denim, vintage Japanese indigo fabrics, fabrics I dye myself with wild mushrooms... creating handmade jewelry with amber and other natural materials... new work in progress!

So excited to be part of


Pioneertown, California USA

24-25 February 2017


November 2016

FIBER&HEART® supports

The Official Sacred Stone Camp from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. All profit of selected items below will be donated. Link to shop on the website.

Water is Life! View their funding campaign here:


October- November 2016

Textile study trip to Tokio Japan.

I have devoted time to the in-depth study of boro textiles of Japan. At the Amuse Museum in Asakusa, folk textiles of Japanese farmers are collected with amazing samples and written testimonials. I was moved to tears!

Thank you, Yumi (Boronote) for suggestions on where to find and research boro textiles.

Beautiful handmade techniques are now re-valued in Japan and by collectors all over the world. I hope to continue this heritage in my own work.

Also meeting with the great Amy Katoh from Blue & White, author and expert on Japanese folk textiles and craft, she is such an inspiration to me. And meeting the wonderful people working at Kapital shops in Ginza and Ebisu. Arigato!!

I purchased some indigo fabrics and vintage boro textiles. These old fabrics will be up-cycled in a sustainable way and have a new life soon... Arigato for this opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture and way of life.


October 2016

I took part in a 3day intensive workshop with Karin Tegeler in the forest of Harz, Germany. Karin is a certified mushroom coach, sublime textile artist and natural dye master. She is one of a few experts in Germany who teaches how to dye with mushrooms! Learning directly from her was a great honor. I will continue to experiment and use natural dyes in my work.



September 2016

promo booth FIBER&HEART®


Agora Rollberg, Am Sudhaus 2

12053 Berlin

promo booth FIBER&HEART®

10.-11.9. 2016

Studio Eden

Berlin Pankow







August 2016

Baltic times...

My father´s ancestors come from the north of Germany, near the seaside... since childhood, we spend time at the Baltic sea and the ocean is a major influence for my artistic work. I combine the colour blue with the colours of amber and sand, the colours of sea foam and shells... From the island Darß (Germany) I get baltic amber for my handmade jewelry from local family Moldenhauer, a family of baltic fishermen and amber collectors for many generations. I love the folk tales of the ocean, mermaids and the baltic gods... Baltic sea and the island forests have a special place in my heart forever.

Pictured handmade jewelry and textiles are available at FIBER&HEART®.

Gate Gate Pāragate Pārasamgate Bodhi Svāhā.



July- August 2016

Fotoshooting my work for the launch of my new website & shop FIBER&HEART® outdoors in nature with Pascal Rohé, Photograper at FettesLoveSieben and creator of Outdoor Aesthetics, in a forest near Berlin. Fotoshooting with Grit Siwonia (Photographer, Healer) and Nicole Hemmer (Model, Muse, Life Coach), we had a special time together in a local park in Berlin. I feel blessed to work with such talented and generous creatives. Gratitude to Serap Kara (Cacao Mama) for introducing me to Grit.

My webshop FIBER&HEART® opens in August 2016.



July 2016

A return-to-nature way of life requires re-connecting and re-learning. Re-wilding.

We learned about the Zunderpilz ( tinder fungus), a mushroom that can be used not only to make fire.

Our ancestors made hats, bags and even garments from it. What an inspiration!

So thankful for this workshop with the wonderful Susanne Fischer-Rizzi, wilderness coach, author, herbal expert and wise woman.


July 2016

Exhibiting at international Textile Art Berlin 2016, Carl von Ossietzky Schule, Berlin Kreuzberg.

My booth was called "Dreaming in Blue" - with hand embroidered and hand dyed textile artworks, indigo home textiles, wall hanging, jewelry handmade with shells, beading and clay, selected poems about the ocean.

Apart from showing my own work, I also represented the works of traditional indigo dyer Blaudruckerei Folprecht Coswig from my home county Saxony. I explained and promoted the handmade craft of traditional Saxon blue printing with wooden stencils to many visitors.

My neighbours were Zürcher Stalder AG (Switzerland), who supply me with organic cotton yarn, and artisans Ibrahim and Koko from Cooperative UGAN Korhogo (Ivory Coast) weavers collective. They demonstrated West African hand weaving, using their traditional weaving loom to make authentic beautiful patterns.They know their patterns by heart, passed on from one generation to the next.

I got tie-dye cloth from Senegal (fairtrade), from Coopérative des Teinturiers de Guediawaye (CTG). Artisans Cheikh Diop and Cheikh Kanoute use natural dyes to create stunning tie dye patterns.

Many more amazing exhibitors, so much to see...Colourful ribbons with recycled fabric and plastic outside the school were created by local students.


May-June 2016

Being in a community of like-minded women among the Redwoods of California.

Learning and listening. Sharing and weaving magic... Sun Session Spirit Weavers Gathering, Camp Navarro.

Thank you, sisters, for so much appreciation of my handmade weavings (trade blanket).


January - February 2016

In my community workshops in Berlin, I teach handweaving for beginners at various venues since 2014. Makerist approached me for a collaboration - shooting a video tutorial (DIY introduction to hand weaving) for a german speaking online audience.  Had a bad cold at the time and it was nerve racking for me to talk in front of a camera... but the results are great, thank you, Makerist team.



June 2015

Textile Art Berlin 2015

Exhibiting handwoven wall hangings, handmade textile artworks and jewelry at the annual international textile exhibition

Textile Art Berlin. Local forests and rainforests were my inspiration.