Cracks in reality... in this painting from 1992, I visualize our incomplete view of reality, of natural law and eco systems. Natural  balance is so easily disturbed. Yet, Nature has it´s own plan and will always bounce back, of that I am sure... there are more dimensions to life than we know. 25.11.2021

gouache and watercolor on paper, ©Simi Ninati all rights reserved


The Lady of the Sea told me

Enjoy life and laugh more

Empty thy vessel

Give up all rigid expectations

Nourish yourself wisely

Be patient

Be hillarious

Be wild

Be temperance

Be without judgement

Be forgiving

Be the star on your sky

Invite the magic

Choose growth

Choose kindness

Embrace your shadow

Love yourself without limits

Practice every day

Be and let Love flow

There is no metamorphosis without the destruction of the first form. Embrace change


to be continued in many life times 


text 2013 ©Simone Meentzen 

photo ©Simi Ninati