Mit der Serie MOTHER MAIDEN CRONE habe ich Collagen im Stil von Naiver Kunst / Abstrakter Kunst / Outsider Art geschaffen, die mythologische Themen aufgreifen. Handgefertigte Collagen mit Textilien und hand - marmoriertem Papier, je 24 x 24 cm Originale,  30x30 cm weiß Passepartout Rahmen. Einige der Originale können in meinem Onlineshop erworben werden. Diese Bilder von Göttinnen, Fabelwesen und Feen, betörend lebendig, sind Ausdruck voller Lebensfreude!


Weitere künstlerische Arbeiten sind u.a. Gouachen, Grafiken und Aquarelle, Textilkunst und Kleinplastiken. 


With the MOTHER MAIDEN CRONE series, I have created collages that take up mythological themes in the style of abstract, naive  /  outsider art. Handmade collages with textiles and hand-marbled paper. 2019, each 24 x 24 cm original art, in white passepartout frames 30 x 30 cm. Some of the originals can be purchased in my onlineshop. These images of goddesses, fable and witchy fairy beings, enchantingly lively are expressions of joie de vivre!


Cultivating effective solutions so that people can feel their connection with nature, inspiring joy, awe, love, the soul. In deep gratitude and reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth and the Cosmos. 

I am an artist, textile designer and nature educator/ herbalist from Germany. I graduated 1998 from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, UK, and worked as a textile designer, artist and artist assistant for international clients. I lived in Italy, USA, France and UK before returning to Germany in 2007. As a lecturer, I had assignments at universities in Berlin from 2008 to 2016. In 2015 I founded Fiber&Heart® with nature studies, creating and teaching independent handmade craft and herbalism workshops, and setting up my online shop Fiber&Heart®. My art book was published in 2020 under artist name SIMI NINATI, with focus on transformative visions, poetic processes. 

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Gouache © Simone Meentzen - Simi Ninati