Unter meinem Künstlernamen Simi Ninati veröffentliche ich bald mein Kunstarchiv 1989-2019

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"I had a special encounter in December 2018 at the Ashmolean Museum Oxford and been DRAWN towards devotional figurines... I figure they want to be drawn."


Investigating devotional painting inspired by ancient cult practice, history and archaeology. A new ongoing project.

TITLES: A worship 1, 2, 3, 4  from Spiritual Archaeology collection

YEAR: 2019

MEDIUM: watercolor on rough watercolor paper 

©Simone Meentzen



TITLES: Snake Goddesses ( total of 7 drawings)

YEAR: 2018

MEDIUM: watercolor, artists´ acrylic gold, rose gold on matt watercolor paper 

©Simone Meentzen


From the small goddess series... investigating pre-historic Goddesses in western civilization and earth centered worship.

Semi-archaeological detailed delicate drawings are combined with raw and emotional brushstrokes of golden paint, a symbol of the treasure of our encounters, the dramatic heritage and the mysterious dance of Life... the goddess is at the centre of... .



TITLES: Snake Goddesses ( total of 3 drawings)

YEAR: 2018

MEDIUM: watercolor, artists´ acrylic gold, rose gold on paper 

©Simone Meentzen



Men on a ship...
over the mountains, across the sea.
I remember his scar.
Backboard at first glimpse
intangible meeting.
Small strokes, one after the other.
Layers of eyes.
Blessed one.
A big leap of imagination...

They all wear the same sailor's tattoo.

TITLE: Across the sea ( 8 drawings)
YEAR: 2018
MEDIUM: watercolor on brown paper, pencil

©Simone Meentzen

"During the summer, I worked as a p/t nature guide in the local National Park, Sächsische Schweiz, near the Czech border, taking children and teens on educational hikes. Many hours in the forest enchanted me again to paint those magical rocks, gulches and trees... in my studio, they re-appear before my internal eyes..."


TITLE: from series of nature sketches, various titles

YEAR: 2018

MEDIUM: watercolor, antik gold acrylic on paper

©Simone Meentzen